Divorce and separation are serious issues, it is a family being ripped apart and the echoes resonate further than just the couple. In  cases , where children are involved ,the whole ordeal can get very messy and very complicated. Fortunately, there are lawyers that are specialized in dealing with these scenarios and cases. We deal with them in the following manner:

Divorce and Separation:

Spouses often encounter problems in their marriage that in some cases can’t be solved, in those cases they choose to separate and  get a divorce. The legal aspects of these decisions can be confusing for people to understand, and our job as lawyers is to make it as simple for the couple and make the whole process as clean as possible. We will understand the requirements and try to minimize the trauma that the couple will face with the procedures.

Child Custody and Access:

If the couple being separated have a child(ren) with them, then the process becomes more complicated to begin with. In these cases there will be a child custody case also being resolved alongside the divorce. As there is a third party involved, we will also need to keep the child’s needs in account here as well. The decision will now be made based on the best interest of the children. Since, the best interest of the childern is to spend time with the both parents. The court will decide about custody and access issues accordingly.

Spousal and child support:

Following a divorce, support arrangements will have to be made. When the family is together, there is usually a bread earner who generates financial resources for the family. When the family splits, the earning party will provide support to the other party so they can continue to live comfortably. If there is children involved then there will also child support based on custody arrangement. We will calculate these supports and make sure everything is done fairly. In some cases, the earning party is exploited and is made to paid more than they can earn, our job will have to make sure that doesn’t happen and everything is done fairly and smoothly.

Separation Agreement:

A separation is different from a divorce, because the couple is still legally married yet they choose to be separated. A separation can be a prelude to the actual divorce.We make sure all issues including Spousal/Child support, Custody and Access and financial matters are properly incorporated in the separation agreement. We settle matters  out of the court and offer legal advice to the parties involved, and inform the parties that they can reconsider and if they wish to go with a separation agreement.

According to the Ontario family law, there must be a one year separation in order to get a divorce from the court. However, parties can file a divorce application in the court any time after separation .

Family Law involves all legal issues that can be dealt with, including divorce and separation, child custody and access, and support payments matters. It can effect your life thoroughly and completely if not taken seriously.

Our Services Include:

  • Divorce and Separations
  • Child Custody and Access
  • Child/Spousal Support
  • Separation Agreements

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